Thursday, June 18, 2009

TILT... in Design Studio

Did you know that you can tilt your work in Design Studio? This comes in so handy when you want to weld letters for word books and are working with one with a 'wide top' and skinnier bottom (t) In the lower left corner of the letter you are working on (or element) you will have a curved double ended arrow. Use that to TILT your placement. Great fun and keeps thinking from getting too static. Plus if you know me, I prefer tilts and curves to straight lines anyway!

Also I just figured out I can use Graphically Speaking FRESH word and implant 'Man" to make FRESHMAN for the University book. Good thing I have it 'done' --- of course it is hard to keep my hands off it... keep wanting to add more to it. Poor Amanda would have no place for her photos or memory tags!

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