Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My grandson LOVES Orange...

Chester LOVES orange. So as they are (finally ) getting ready to move into their self-build house, knew he needed to have a big boy reading lamp. I was in TJ Maxx this week and they had an orange lamp, but knew he needed one with a bit more pizazz. So got out the cricut vinyl and this is the outcome. The shade is thick enough that the designs don't show until the lamp is on. I did each side of the shade differently - one in cowboy, one in pets, one in outdoors, one in transportation.
I still am debating if I should add the word READ by the star... and maybe a few stars on the shade. What do you think?
His entire room is done in orange and deep blue with construction caution tape (also Cricut) separating the two colors. We put decals of construction vehicles, John Deere tractors, planes and space ships on his walls.


  1. should add that the lampshade has the vinyl on the inside of the shade and doesn't really show until the lamp is on.

  2. Show us his room!! Can't wait to see :D!